Testing at a Private Medical Provider

If you've ever visited a private medical provider, your experience will probably be just like any other office visit. You'll check in with the receptionist, who will collect your copay for the visit (if any) and have you wait to be called.

Most likely, you'll meet with a medical assistance before the doctor comes in. If you're uncomfortable talking to the doctor, tell the assistant why you're there. He/she can prepare your provider in advance and make the conversation about an HIV test easier.

When you meet with your provider, he/she will probably ask about your reasons for getting an HIV test. Be open and honest. Your provider wants to offer the best care possible.

Most private providers will take a blood sample to send to an outside lab for testing. It may take a few days for your results to come back from the lab. Your provider may call and provide your results over the phone, or ask that you return for a follow up visit to discuss the results in-person.

What Happens Next?

If you’re HIV negative, you’ll be offered information about prevention options, such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). You might also be referred to a community organization that provides HIV prevention services.

If you’re HIV positive, you’ll receive compassionate care to help you understand your diagnosis and manage any stress of fears. You may also get referred to a community organization that provides HIV care and supportive services.