Tell Your Partners

It's Important to Share Your Status

You should tell your partners, either long-term or casual, about the need for them to get an HIV test. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, embarrassed, or even fearful of how your partners might react, but it's extremely important for you to tell your partners they might be at risk and should be tested.

Sharing your status allows your partners to get tested early and learn their own status. Most importantly, you'll be helping to end the HIV in Arizona. For every person who is diagnosed, gets medical care, and is virally suppressed (undetectable), about five new HIV infections are avoided.

Get Help Telling Your Partners

It can be tough to disclose your HIV status, but you don't have to do it on your own. Partner Services is a free program offered by county health departments to help reduce the spread of HIV in our community. If you’re newly diagnosed, or have been living with HIV and just moved to Arizona, Partner Services staff will reach out to you to discuss who your partners are. They will then notify these people of the need to get tested for HIV.

Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected. None of your medical or personal information will be shared with anyone who is contacted.

It’s very important to help Partner Services staff identify who might be at risk for getting HIV, so those people can get tested early and, if needed, get linked to medical care.

Partner Services can also assist you if you need proof of your HIV status to enroll in Ryan White services or other assistance programs.

For more information about how Partner Services can help you, contact your County Health Department.