Get HIV Care

The Sooner, The Better

The sooner you get medical treatment, the better your chances of living a full, long life. You should visit a medical provider even if you don’t feel sick, as HIV can compromise your health without causing any symptoms until you become very sick.

Accessing Medical Care

If you don’t have health insurance, you may qualify for a free or low-cost assistance program that can provide you with HIV medical care and support services.

If you have health insurance, enter your zip code below to search our database for an HIV medical provider near you. All of the providers listed on have experience providing quality HIV care.

If you currently have a medical provider, but he/she isn’t listed in your search results, you may wish to call to confirm he/she has experience treating people living with HIV. If not, ask if you can be referred to a nearby provider who does.

If you’re choosing a new provider, confirm he/she is still a member of your insurance plan’s network when you call to make your appointment.

Need Help Paying Your Medical Care Costs?

Even if you have insurance, you might have out-of-pocket costs for co-pays for doctor visits, medications, or health plan deductibles. Visit our Free/Low Cost Care section to find out about assistance programs that can help you get the care you need.