Develop A Support System

Family and Friends

It helps to have someone else you can talk comfortably and safely with about HIV—someone you can trust who will be supportive. Caring family members and friends can listen to you without judging, and offer feedback and suggestions. They understand how you live your life and deal with issues. They can also help remind you to take your medications, and go with you to your medical appointments. 

People Who Understand What You're Going Through

If you’re not ready to disclose your HIV status to someone you know, consider talking to someone else who is living with HIV, or who is helping other manage their health.

For example, support groups meet regularly to discuss issues and challenges they face living with HIV. Members also help each other manage their disease and treatment. Some support groups are open to anyone, while others address the needs of specific individuals, such as straight men, teens, substance users, etc.

Our Services Locator makes it easy to find a support group. Simply type in your zip code, and choose Support Groups from the Services Offered menu. You'll get a list of all the groups in your area.

Online Communities

There are a variety of online communities that can connect you to other people living with HIV from all over the world. Two highly respected sites are and