Moving to Arizona

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead as early as possible before your actual move. Many people underestimate the amount of time that’s necessary to apply for programs in the new state. If you try to catch up after you move, you may actually risk not seeing a doctor or not getting your meds for a period of time.

Here are some things to consider before you move:

  • Make sure you move with at least one month of HIV medications. It might take time to transition to new insurance, or transfer from one assistance program to another. You don't want to be without meds if there's an enrollment delay.

  • Bring one month of paycheck stubs, and a copy of your most recent HIV lab report. Your doctor can provide a copy of your lab report. You'll need these documents to prove your eligibility for assistance programs.

  • If you currently have a case manager, get their contact information. He/she can help your case manager in Arizona with missing documentation or information you may need to qualify for services.

  • Know and document your current health benefits. This is important because many state programs differ and may not offer the same coverage. You’ll need to know what you have now, including your eligibility requirements. This way, you or your case manager in Arizona can compare what you currently have to what’s available in your new state of residence.

  • Do some research. Learn about the free/low cost care programs that are available. Then, visit the websites of these programs to download forms and information in advance.

Once You're in Arizona

  • Contact Partner Services. Partner Services is a set of free, confidential services available to HIV positive individuals and their partners. Partner Services will help you with referrals to available services, and help you ensure that your partners receive the opportunity for free HIV testing and prevention education. Partner Services staff can also assist you if you need proof of your HIV status to enroll in Ryan White or other assistance services.

    For more information about how Partner Services can help you, contact your County Health Department.

  • Establish proof of your residency in Arizona. Many assistance programs require you to have proof of Arizona residency to qualify you for services. Make sure you can demonstrate you live in Arizona (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.), and get an Arizona drivers license or ID card.


If you have health insurance, use our Services Locator to find medical providers near your new home. Simply type in your zip code and choose Medical Care/Medical Providers from the Services Offered menu. Then, check to see who is on your insurance plan.

  • If you are uninsured, or need help paying insurance premiums copays, or deductibles, there are free/low cost care programs that can help you get the HIV care you need.

  • Search for other services are near you. Our Services Locator makes it easy. Simply type in your new Arizona zip code, and choose Any from the Services Offered menu. You'll get a list of all the providers and services in your area.